Thursday, 20 September 2012

K we are home

I'm back home and very busy again and happy to be. That was a fun trip and I would do it again, but not for so long this time.

P. S.
To all of you who came out on songhees to welcome us home- thank you so much :)

Four days

I wrote this awhile ago:

We're now in New York off the ship and in only four days we'll be home. And then I'll be really happy. :)
Here's some pictures from the ship (I took some watercolor art classes) (And I made another tricorn hat for Tobin, like the one I made in Denmark).

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Devon, then heading home finally

Sorry I haven't posted in forever, but five months is a long time to keep up a blog. Anyway, we're in Barnstaple near Devon in England now and being in England the Olympics are huge and everywhere. Just thought I'd say that.
Anyway, we've been to a horse riding place and a dog and horse fair recently so I'm in a farmish mood. Not to mention we're staying in an old barn converted to a house very damp and heated by fireplaces and similar to freelandsmuseet houses we saw in Denmark. If you want a full update go to my parent's blog:

Friday, 13 July 2012

Aydon castle

This castle started with just a fortified house. Then the scots burnt it down, so the owner built a small wall with crenellations all over it to keep them out. Then the scots came in and burnt it down again, so the owner built a second wall around the first wall and that was that. After this castle had been lived in for 200 years or so, farmers used it as a barn and living space untill English heritage bought it and opened it up to the public. This castle was interesting because it had a great hall (where everyone would eat and sleep) a kitchen, and an orchard, along with secret passages and private courtyards with really uneven cobblestone. I like this castle the best so far because you can actually see how people lived here for a long time.